MatraX Tyres
At MatraxTyres we have a wide range of tyres for all types of vehicles which are specially designed to face all weather conditions. Our tyres integrate the latest technological developments in both materials and procedures creating a tyre that is safe, durable and efficient as well as having the best specifications in the market.


matrax tyres mtz99
Comfort coupled with great manoeuvrability and safety

MTZ99: Ultra high performance. Designed with a special material that puts comfort first. High levels of manoeuvrability and safety with a superior grip on wet surfaces as well as great braking control and low rolling resistance.


matrax tyres mtz88
Exceptional control and cornering stability features

MTZ88: High performance. Specially conceived for heavy vehicles with great power and large engine sizes. It offers exceptional control, road grip and steering stability in both wet and dry conditions. Its tread is designed to improve driving and manoeuvrability.


matrax tyres mtl77
Corner grip and fuel efficiency

MTL77: Featuring the highest specifications, it provides great safety and control under the worst weather conditions. With superb braking distances in both wet and dry surfaces, excellent bend and corner grip and an improved fuel efficiency due to its much.


matrax tyres mtc66
Heavy loads and speed resistance

MTC66: Light trucks series C. Specifically devised for vehicles that endure heavy loads at high speeds. They offer a high level of performance the whole year around, enabling better driving and vehicle traction whilst achieving smaller braking distances on wet surfaces.


matrax tyres mtw55
Year-round performance on all surfaces

MTW55: A year-round tyre. Designed to adapt to all weather conditions such as rain, hail or light snow. Without being specialist tyres, these are a good choice for great performance all year round and on all types of surfaces, featuring more grooves on the tread than a typical summer tyre.


matrax tyres mtv44
Great all-terrain performance

MTV44: An all-season tyre, including winter conditions that offers great performance on all terrains. It provides a smaller braking distance than your average tyre and its characterised by its comfort and safety together with excellent handling and road grip.


matrax tyres mtw33
Greater safety and braking in sub-zero temperatures

MTW33: A snow tyre. Manufactured from a special cold-resistant rubber, it is designed for temperatures under 7ºC. It features wider treads that facilitate the expulsion of water and snow, maximising traction, grip and braking even under the most severe weather conditions such as snow, mud or ice.


matrax tyres mtp22
Stability, control and a better grip under high temperatures

MTP22: A summer tyre that can also be used all year-round as it also has a good grip on wet surfaces. Its rubber is less elastic improving its grip on hot surfaces. It has lower than average rolling resistance and  allows for greater handling control. Its performance is reduced if the temperature drops below 7ºC.


matrax tyres mtp11
Versatility, comfort and a stable performance

MTP11: A versatile tyre, designed to drive all year round for regular vehicle use and under moderate climate conditions. It provides a very comfortable driving experience and a stable performance.