Vacaciones de verano: ¿Tengo mi vehículo a punto?

It is summer time, sunny days, good temperatures and the holiday trip you have already planned, alone or with your family or with friends. As every year, your car is the one you fulfill with luggage and supplies and take to the road for a good shot of kilometers. Within this context of hot sun, high temperatures, and hours at the wheel, it’s necessary to have the certainty that your car is in perfect conditions, for your safety and also, for the sake of money: a research made by Quadis (one of the main network of dealers and workshops in Spain) states that the proper maintenance can save up to 2.000 euros in breakdowns and consumption ¿What do you need to check?

A basic point is, indeed, the tires: they are the constant contact of the car with the ground and they suffer the irregularities of the pavement that at this period at a high temperature. It is essential to check its wasting (especially at the sides) and it pressure. If the treads are less than 3 millimeters, you should change them. With low pressure and high temperature, treads get warmer, speeding up the wear and favour punctures. At the moment to adjust the pressure for the tires (a task that doesn’t carry any complications), you just have to follow you vehicle manufacturers recommendations; adding at maximum a tenth if you travel with your family or with a large load at your vehicle.

Equally important for your car are the brakes. You know that they brush between the brake pad and the brake disc, an action which generates heat and can reach a very high temperature along with the external heat. This fact increases the risk of having overheated brakes, which provokes deformities at the discs or the fast consumption of brake fluid. Checking the level of the latest is easy, but it might not be to assess the state of the discs and pads; this is why you should take your car to a garage. If you feel vibrations when braking or if the reaction to the braking is longer than usual, go to the garage without hesitation.

Motor oil, fluids and others

Another basic aspect is the level of oil and other fluids of your vehicle. You must check the engine oil when it’s cooled off and at an even level. You should take a look too to the remaining fluids such as brakes, windscreen, cooling fluids, as the high temperatures of summer could evaporate them or consume them at a faster pace than you can imagine. In this time of year, and with the prospect to be many hours on the road, checking that the air conditioner works properly becomes particularly important, as they are the key to make the hours on the road more enjoyable or a great agony.

By all means, you can’t put aside other aspects that are not decisive for the well-functioning of the car, but actually important for it. This is the case of the windscreen (the changes of the temperature alter the wiper blades), air filters (if dirty, they will increase the fuel consumption), and of course, the good condition of the spare tire, the disposal of safety vests and warning triangles, and the regularized documentation of the vehicle.


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