Keeping all working areas and machinery clean and tidy helps optimise daily tasks at the garage increasing efficiency. It also allows for smoother and safer working conditions. There are a few obvious and simple habits that will contribute to a better garage management. These habits can be applied to a number of working areas.

Nowadays there are ready-made inspection pits which are manufactured with everything necessary to be readily inserted in the ground. These are called prefabricated drop-in pits and help improve efficiency as they reduce costs, speed up the work and facilitate their manoeuvrability. If we need to repair an electronic system it is imperative to possess an appropriate diagnostic machine that contains the manufacturer’s data. Also, while the diagnosis is in progress we have to make sure the battery is kept alive as it could run out in the process deeming it unusable.

When aligning a vehicle ideally we would use a 4, 6 or even 8 sensor-based computerised system that transmits the information to a computer. The computer program then executes a 3D modelling exercise with the modifications necessary for each particular vehicle to be brought back to its factory settings. If the transmission system needs to be replaced we could check the oil at the engine wheel joint and at the gearbox in order to clean or replace it before installing the new clutch. It is also necessary to use a clutch centering tool so that everything is in the exact right place.

To optimise suspension systems and glass change

There are many types of shock absorbers depending on each vehicle suspension system but nowadays we can use partly-assembled telescopic shock absorbers, which save on the installation time and therefore they save us money. The bodywork and painting areas, despite there being physically different, are linked and required a fluid communication as any difficulty in the first one will impact the second. All areas, of course must count with the necessary tools to carry out their work to a great standard.

Other tasks to consider are the use of polyester when adding tint film to a car’s windows; their treatment with water-repellent resins or the calibration of the ADAS  driving assistance system; tasks that will offer that little extra to our customers.

At last, our employees work should not be obviated. If employees cooperate, each individual effort is multiplied. The balanced allocation of tasks and responsibilities, adequate motivation and cooperation bring about improvements that also contribute to the optimisation of a garage’s work.

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