La batería de mi coche se ha descargado: ¿Qué hago?

You park your car for an errand, you are in a rush and you jump outside, leaving only a second to lock the car… but you forgot switching the lights off. Quite some time afterwards, when you go back, now more at ease, you find the lights on and you fear the worst. Indeed, you get in, you insert the key, you trigger the contact and your engine let an agonizing groan out but it doesn’t start. You are run out of battery. 

This is a very common problem, caused by a simple distraction that you could have at some time, or just because of the deterioration or failure of the battery. As the first situation is the most common, we should say that we are facing one of the most easiest-to-solve issues of your car, and yet – one without the enough knowledge to deal with it. A direct solution is to call your car insurance company: in less than a half hour, an expert should arrive at the designated place to charge your battery; in theory, you should only pay the travel expenses, if provided for in the insurance policy.

Another option -if you have the right tools for a jump start (clamps and another vehicle) and if you want to save the waiting time- you can do it yourself. It’s easy and fast, and it might be interesting learn how to do it so you can choose what to do when it takes place. You can find lots of videos and tutorials about how to do it on internet, but we recommend you this one from Advance Auto Parts, for its clarity:

Remember that this is the solution for a discharged battery due to a distraction. If your car has several years, it’s possible that your battery is damaged or at the straight-line of its useful life; so the only solution should be a replacement at your car repair shop, which shouldn’t be particularly expensive.

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