¿Dónde me alojo en vacaciones? Los cinco hoteles más valorados en Internet

As if a compulsory tradition, the coast is the place where everybody inevitably thinks about when it comes to plan their summer holidays; and Spain is undoubtedly one of the landmark destinations thanks to the high quality and large size beaches and the excellent readiness of its restaurant services.

Unquestionably, when it comes to spend some days of relax and recovery, the choice of the best possible hotel is one of the key factors to have the perfect beach experience. Down below, we suggest you five of the best valued beach locations on hostel websites and comparison websites in Spain; with the particularity of being located each one in a different coastal area with its own identity. Which one you prefer?

1. VINCCI SELECCIÓN ALEYSA (Benalmádena, Andalusia)

  • Trivago: 96/100
  • Booking: 9,5
  • Tripadvisor: 5/5

This small hotel-boutique where everything seems scheduled in detail to provide an unique experience to the user, is located in Benalmádena, at the very heart of the Costa del Sol (“Coast of Sun”). It was named the Best hotel in Spain by Trivago in 2015 and leads the scores list amongst the coast hotels within the main reference websites. The modern fine design, the comfort, the beautiful environment, the high standard restaurant service and the exquisite caring of the staff are some of the many reasons that the users highlight in their feedbacks.

Hotel Vincci Benalmádena

2. SEASIDE GRAN HOTEL RESIDENCIA (Maspalomas, Canary Islands)

  • Trivago: 95/100
  • Booking: 9,4
  • Tripadvisor: 5/5

The Canary Islands, in particular areas like Maspalomas, are landmarks where the range of spectacular hotels’ services is expanding.  This fact makes the privileged position of Maspalomas Seaside hotel even more meritorious. This 5 stars resort with the designation of “High Luxury” and an evocative colonial period design, where the merger of the buildings, the central swimming pool, the nature and the bright colours are the first thing that wins the visitor’s hearts. It belongs to the also exclusive group The Leading Hotels and offers a private, comfortable and exclusivity (only 94 rooms available), where its services, such as a carefully-prepared gastronomy and an exclusive Spa are highlighted.

Hotel Seaside

3. ALÉN DO MAR (Fisterra, Galicia)

  • Trivago: 93/100
  • Booking: 9,6
  • Tripadvisor: 5/5

“End of the earth, end of the road”. The historical magic of the Finisterre cape creates the perfect frame for an exceptional and atypical hotel: the Alén do Mar have only been operational for four years, but is already embedded among the most highly valued ones within Spain. This is a unique and neat space, with a forefront design, only eleven rooms and a fully personalized service. Its location is ideal and steps out of line: at one side, the touristic and beautiful Langosteira beach, at the other, the Galician nature in all its glory. A place where you can breathe peace and quiet upon your arrival and its home-made cuisine is converted into a myth.

Hotel Alen do mar

4.PLAYASOL (Cadaqués, Catalonia)

  • Trivago: 91/100
  • Booking: 9,2
  • Tripadvisor: 4,5/5

In a recent post we mentioned that Cadaqués is an indispensable spot to visit in Spain, due to its coastal town beauty, its bohemian atmosphere and the art exuding from its streets. Once there, an exquisite accommodation located besides the beach should be one with the best views of the entire town at the disposal of the customer. Within its walls it preserves a half-century of history; however it was recently remodeled and now it’s a modern, wide and comfortable space, ideal for a relaxing experience.

Hotel Playasol en Cadaqués

5. MARÍTIMO RIS (Noja, Cantabria)

  • Trivago: 91/100
  • Booking: 9,4
  • Tripadvisor: 4,5/5

Noja is actually from some years now, one of the favourite destinations at the Cantabrian seaside. All important and reference hostel websites and comparison websites put Marítimo Ris at the top positions. This hotel, with facilities where priority is given to the functionality (its Jacuzzis and saunas are premium) over design, gives the opportunity to the customer to have a room or apartment in front of the Ris beach and a good serving and caring staff.

Hotel Marítimo Ris

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