Atlantic Road: La ruta sobre el mar donde el placer de conducir cobra otro sentido

by S. Ancin / photos:

Fancy hopping from islet to islet across numerous bridges and with the immensity of the Atlantic ocean as your backdrop? Yes, you can do it on the Atlantic Road in Norway, a course with plenty of bends, slopes and a breathtaking panorama contained in its mere 8,23 kilometres. A route where the pleasure of driving takes on a whole new meaning.

The Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian) is part of the 64 National Road that joins the towns of Karvag (in Averøy island) and Vevang, Eide (in the continent), within Møre og Romsdal province. Its fame comes from it being built across small islands and islets joining a natural archipelago with bridges and overpasses. Sometimes the road twists dramatically to clear the obstacles, slopes and other features of the rugged terrain.

There is a total of eight bridges along this route the longest being the Storseisundet Bridge with its 260 metres in length and 23 metres at its highest. This is an obliged stop for the tourist who can take a break and admire its remarkable ‘wave’ outline over the sea. Here there is also a car park from where to snap some impressive shots of the bridge and its surroundings.  

The other platforms are:

  • Vevangstraumen Bridge: 119 metres long and 10 metres at its top height.
  • The Hulvågen Bridges (3 in total): 293 metres long and 4 metres high.
  • Geitøysundet bridge: 52 metres long and 6 metres at its top height.
  • Store Lauvøysund Bridge: 52 metres long and 3 metres high.
  • Little Lauvøysund Bridge: 115 metres long and 7 metres high.

Spots to visit

Many driving lovers prefer to take on this route over the autumn months where the sea gets more fierce and storms, sometimes even hurricanes, are frequent. These make the sea clash strongly against the bridges with the water cascading above them. Also depending on the season you can spot whales, seals and other interesting birds.

Work on The Atlantic Road started in 1983 but it didn’t open until the 7th of July 1989 due to the numerous storms and 12 hurricanes in total that routinely halted or destroyed parts of the existing building work. Being one of the spots in the world where more vehicle adverts are filmed the Atlantic Road has also been named as the best road trip in the world and in 2005 was voted “the engineering work of the century” in Norway. Also it is considered part of the cultural heritage of Norway and is one of their national tourist routes.

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